We are here to help organizations improve their operations.

We support businesses from different industries to obtain capital and funding to start or improve their businesses. With our financing and lending services, we help business owners to fulfill their visions and goals for their company or organization. Our services are individualized and with the expertise of our professionals, we can help businesses find financial solutions that can cover their needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Warehouse


    Are you planning to start or improve your warehouse business? Let us assist you. We can help you obtain capital or funding so you can fulfill your business goals.
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  • Plaza


    Have you been thinking about creating or making improvements for a plaza? You need funding for that. Let us help you. Apply on our lending program today.
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  • Office


    You office location is the space where you and your employees manage the services of your company. Let us help you find the financial solutions you need.
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  • Store

    Retail Store

    Are you planning on expanding or starting your retail store? You need to make sure that you can trust the company that offers you lending services.
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  • commercial space

    Mix Use

    Have you been thinking about having a commercial property that has two or more purposes? Finding the proper financials solutions can help you.
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  • house


    Are you looking to buy a property for residential purposes? Don’t wait to obtain that dream property. Let us help you fulfill your residential goals.
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  • investment concept


    Looking to finance multifamily properties? You need appropriate funding for to make that work. You can count on our experts at LEY Capital to help you.
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  • hotel


    In building and improving your hotel, you need capital to help your business grow and improve the satisfaction rates of your facilities. We can help you.
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  • Malls


    Malls are good at generating income. But first, you need to obtain proper funding to get there. At LEY Capital our financial and lending experts can help.
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  • house with garage


    Are you working on making improvements for your garage? You need to make sure that you have enough funding to cover the costs. Contact us today.
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  • church


    If you are planning on making improvements on the facilities and other areas in your church, don’t worry. We can offer you our financing and lending services.
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  • medical center

    Medical Center

    Your medical center needs to keep up with advancements in medicine to keep your services at the best quality. You need funding to make that possible. Call us.
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