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Combine Your Debt Into One Payment

If You are struggling with multiple credit card balances and loans we will provide options that will help alleviate the burden of multiple payments and interest rates into one easy monthly payment.

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Debts can be accumulated over time and seem imposing to a person if they are making payments on multiple balances, all with differing interest rates. If this describes your situation, then debt consolidation may be for you! LEY Capital can partner with you to work all of your debts into one payment, with a potentially lower interest rate than the previously accumulated debts.

By partnering with us on a debt consolidation loan, you can pay off the other loans you were making payments on previously and leave you with only one payment. This method should be considered by those who took out loans during a period that had a particularly high interest, in which case the interest rate on the new loan would most likely be lower, which will allow you to save money in the long run.

This strategy is also recommended with those who may be struggling with multiple credit card balances or for those who are paying for the interest of a merchant loan. Both of these situations often have higher interest rates than a standard loan, which are burdens that can be alleviated by consolidation.

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