When it comes to your business, LEY Capital can help to get your vision into reality. We are partner with you in the community because you can trust for all of your commercial lending needs.

Business Lines of Credit

Access the funds you need when you need them. A Business Line of Credit is the perfect solution for short-term borrowing needs for which repayment is expected to occur in the near future. You have the flexibility to borrow as much or as little as you need to meet your specific working capital requirements,

With a Business Line of Credit, you incur no interest costs until funds are actually used, and you can repay your borrowing at any time without any prepayment penalties.

Business Lines of Credit can be structured on a revolving basis – repaid funds can be re-borrowed if desired – or on a nonrevolving basis.

Business Lines of Credit can provide you access to funds for a very broad variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Managing cash flows for busy seasons during the year
  • Taking advantage of trade discounts
  • Timing your inventory purchases
  • Providing short-term cash flow while you wait for collection of receivables

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