Cash Rewards. Points. Travel Rewards. Lower Rates. No matter what you're looking for in a business credit card, we've got you covered.
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    Business Credit Cards

    We have the tools to help any small business owner when you need LEY at any time. With business credit card, you earn cash or points redeemable for travel and more with every purchase. It is easy to apply please call our expect. The credit cards products and services can make your life easier. Apply Now

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    Business Lines of Credit

    When it comes to grow your business, LEY Capital can help to get your vision into reality. We are partner with you in the community to get access the funds you need. A business lines of credit is the perfect solution for short term borrowing needs. Apply Now

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    Loans Term

    Your business success is our top priority. Term loan are available to assist equipment, machinery purchase, business expansion, business acquisition, permanent working capital or refinance of existing business debts. We can help you to get access a wide variety of term loan products that are tailored to you. Apply Now

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    SBA Loan

    With the perfect loan to suit your needs, you’re able to spend more time on the important things. Our Small Business Administrative are a great tool to grow your business. Our team will work with you to find a bank solution that’s right for you. That’s why business owners choose LEY Capital to be partner with. Apply Now

  • people inside car

    Vehicle Finance Loan

    We are committed to helping your business forge success by providing financing for your logistic needs. We provide vehicle finance loans not only for your personal needs but for your business needs as well. Experience simple and friendly end-to-end professional service with us. Apply Now

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    Equipment Finance

    Having the equipment you need for your business activities is crucial for your success, but the cost of acquiring these can be expensive. That’s why we are here to help you secure equipment without disrupting your cash flow through our Equipment Finance Loan. Whether you are a start-up, an emerging, or an established company, we can provide financing to help you purchase new equipment or upgrade your existing inventory. Apply Now

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    Commercial Loan

    Don’t have enough budget to cover your operational costs? Our business banking representatives can assist you in obtaining short-term funding for your daily operational costs, the purchase of equipment, payroll payment, or purchase supplies used in the production and manufacturing process. Apply Now

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    Merchant Loan

    Merchant Loan made convenient for those times when you can’t apply it to any institute, we’re here by your side. We have the tools to help any small business owner when you need LEY at any time, our products and services can make your life easier. Apply Now

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