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Gain Control Of Your Credit Cards

We offer multiple options based on your situation to help gain full control of your credit card.

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Credit cards can be a helpful resource to many people when used in proper accordance with their finance but can become a burden for many when they are overused or used outside of the coverage of their current financial state. LEY Capital can help you minimize the stress that can come with credit cards and their seemingly endless payments.

There are a couple of strategies you can use to help pay off your credit cards without taking out a loan, such as:

“Snowball” method: This strategy focuses the heavier payments on the account balances that carry the least amount of weight. Minimum payments are made on the accounts that have the highest balances while making the maximum payment possible on the accounts with the smallest balances. This will allow you to build momentum to pay off the bigger balances, as the less payments you need to make, the more assets you will be able to allocate to the bigger balance.

“Avalanche” method: Contrary to the snowball method, this strategy focuses the largest payments on the balances that have the highest interest rates first and moving downward from there. Then, similarly to the snowball method, allocate the assets that would be used on the previously paid off balance on the next highest interest balance, building similar momentum.

If you need assistance from a lender to back you up, LEY Capital would be more than happy to help you reign in your finances and get them back under your control.

Credit card consolidation loans: This is the fastest way that you can pay off your credit cards, but it will require that payments be made elsewhere instead. However, the benefit may come in the form of making payments to one balance rather than multiple, or simply making those payments to a balance with a lower interest rate than that of the credit card balances. No matter the situation, our team would be proud to partner with you!

Balance-transfer credit card: Getting sick of making multiple payments? This payment method allows you to allocate all debts into one balance on a potentially lower interest rate than any particular card balance you may have been paying before. Our team can help you develop a payment plan in advance and help choose the best card to suit your needs.

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