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Secured Business Loan

When it comes to growing businesses, money is a constant need to expand or start the company. To do both of these, they will need access to any combination of a brick and mortar location, equipment, supplies, and a labor force. There is not going to be enough cash supplied by that business and its owners to afford these things and keep themselves afloat. LEY Capital is here for the businesses going through this stage.

We offer secured loans to businesses to gain access to the funding they need to maintain their everyday operations, expand their services, start or finish a long-term project, or move their base of operations. LEY Capital encourages small businesses to partner with us on a secured loan; we can help you meet your long-term financial goals.

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UnSecured Businees Loan

Unsecured loans can grant access to a larger pool of funds than most other lending options without the hassle of any collateral!

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Merchant Loan

Small businesses are often in need of cash, especially in the case of an emergency or other uncontrollable circumstances. In these cases, business owners would need cash fast to live through the circumstance and continue to grow their company. For the quickest method to acquiring sizable amounts of capital, we recommend a merchant loan.
Merchant loans allow for fast funding without needing a perfect credit score or meeting many other requirements that standard loans would need from an applicant. LEY Capital can help you find the best lender for your specific situation and find you the lowest possible interest rate to help you through your situation. Contact us today for more information!

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SBA Loan

Want to start or extend your business with loan options guaranteed by the Small Business Administration?

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s SBA 504 Loan program is designed to provide increased access to affordable funding. Lenders, like LEY Capital, can provide you with loans with favorable rates and repayment terms through SBA lending programs.

LEY Capital will make the process simple and hassle-free so you can fully direct your focus on empowering your small businesses.

We offer:

  • 1502 Reporting – keep you informed and provide customized reports upon request
  • Portfolio Servicing – loan modifications, restructures, increases, deferments, forbearances, rate changes, and re-amortization of payments
  • Payment Collection – billing, processing, revolving and non-revolving lines of credit, advance pay-downs, pay-offs, and more
  • Loan Liquidation

The Small Business Association (SBA) is a valuable resource for thousands of small businesses, offering different loan options for each business’ unique situation. They offer secured lending options to help along the growth of small business at lower rates than most other standard lenders. LEY Capital partners with the SBA to help our clients expand their business for less!

7(a) Loans offer competitive rates for lending up to $5 million and has the largest variability in terms of usage for the funds requested. It can help with gaining access to capital, equipment, real estate, and construction to name a few of its potential uses.

504 LOAN
The SBA offers 504 Loans, which are designed to provide increased access to affordable funding. Lenders, like LEY Capital, can provide you with loans with favorable rates and repayment terms through SBA lending programs.

The Microloan program allows for the acquiring of cash up to $50,000 for the short-term purchase of equipment or other assets to expand a small business.

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